The Reality Creation Masterclass

Learn how to use the power of THOUGHT to make measurable and lasting changes in ANY area of your life

You Are Stuck living in Stress, and Functioning Under the illusion that the Material World is More Real than the "Unseen" Realm

We've reached a time in history when not only do we want to "understand", but we want to "know how" to use our understanding to apply and leverage the latest scientific concepts and timeless wisdom to design the life we envision.

Once you can open your mind to the way things REALLY are, and let go of the beliefs that you have been conditioned into. It is important to fully embrace the concept that your mind creates your world. You are a spiritual being gifted with an intellect with which to fashion your future.

You are dedicated to being the very best version of yourself that you can possibly be, but despite all of your efforts, you know there's more to "Success" and "Goal-Achievement" than the meets the eye

The Fact is, you're right. The Classic works in Personal Growth like "Think and Grow Rich" and "As a Man Thinketh" speak at length about the importance of our thoughts in the creation of the reality we experience. These books were well ahead of their time regarding their main ideas. But, we now have a much more clear understanding of exactly "WHY" the power of thought is so crucial.

In this course you'll not only learn and understand the science, but you'll also learn how to put the ideas into active practice in your life on a daily basis.

Hi, I'm Dr. Trevor Blattner

Dr. Trevor Blattner is the founder of The Top 1% and leading thinker on Shepherd Leadership -- a modern approach to leadership designed to address a world that is complex and ever-changing.

With over 20 years of research, coaching, and expertise, Trevor has developed a model of leadership that breaks free of antiquated and regressive notions of what it means to lead. His enlightened approach to leadership is based not on rhetoric or buzzwords that fit neatly into a tagline. It’s based on behavioral science, personal experience, and a strong commitment to personal values.

The founder of a seven figure business, Trevor is no stranger to adversity and is used to working with people of all backgrounds. He has experienced first-hand that the road to your top 1% is not without challenges. It’s through this lens that he’s now committed himself to helping individuals overcome their setbacks, eliminate self-doubt and perform without limits.

As the host of The Top 1% podcast, he’s interviewed guests ranging from New York Times Best-selling authors to global influencers to executives of multi-billion-dollar companies – all designed to understand their keys to breaking through. Trevor has been featured in Conscious Millionaire, Addicted to Success, Medium, and other international publications.

In addition to his business success, Trevor is the proud father of three beautiful girls and is married to an amazing wife, Ashley who has been the backbone to his journey.

Hear From Our Satisfied Students

“Trevor Blattner is a rare breed of person. He’s driven, but not for personal gain. He’s driven to serve to make the world a better place, to use his gifts as effectively as possible to make the biggest impact on the world that he can. His ability to not only see the bigger-picture, but to communicate it in a way that creates buy-in and enthusiasm is valuable to so many organizations and their team.”

Brandon Wagoner, PE , Manager of Strategy and Execution at Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation

“During my time working with Dr. Blattner he helped me set clear goals for myself and gave me the encouragement and support to maximize my potential. He genuinely LISTENS, addressing each person as their own unique individual. By breaking things down on an individual level for me, he conveyed a sincere investment in my success. He is a man of leadership, loyalty, and integrity in every aspect of his life.”

Jordan Young, Territory Manager-Benco Dental

“Trevor’s Top 1% System for building confidence, success, and wealth is very unique due to its scientific, evidence-based approach. He is committed to your success and takes his role as a mentor very personally and very seriously.”

Chris Widener, Author of The Art of Influence

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. *as long as we maintain this website. You may download the class videos and pdfs and keep them on your computer.

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This Is Perfect For You If...

You've Always Struggled With Self-Doubt and Limitation


You Want To Experience more genuine Confidence and Personal Growth


You're Ready To Learn How To Use The Latest Breakthroughs in Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, and Epigenetics to Design Your Ideal Future Reality

But Not For You If...

You're not willing to put in the work

You don't have a sincere Curiosity about the connection between the "seen" and "unseen" realms, and a Deep Desire to Use this understanding to build a more meaningful life

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